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06.10.2018 When You’re Here, You’re Family

2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1, Mark 3:20-35

We use to know what a family was; a father, mother and 2.3 children [although the .3 kid was a bit of a mystery]. But in fact, family has never been restricted to legal distinctions or even shared DNA. This Sunday we’ll discover what makes a family, God’s family, the source of love and hope that can transform the world.


06.03.2018 Now that I Have Your Attention

1 Samuel 3:1-10, Mark 2:23-3:6

With so many people, and now devises, calling for our attention; it can be hard to determine what really matters. How do we hear God’s message of hope and peace above all the shouting and beeping we confront every day? This Sunday, we’ll listen for the voice that transcends all of the busyness around us.

05.20.2018 Take a Walk on the Wild Side

This Sunday, May 20 at 10:30am
Fire – wind – chaos; what kind of a worship service is that!? Isn’t worship supposed to be orderly and solemn? How can we experience the peace of God with all that ruckus going on? Perhaps we will find out this Sunday.

04.29.2018 Stay Connected

It’s important to stay connected to Jesus. In Acts, Philip meets with an Ethiopian official, who is trying to understand the book of Isaiah. He “opens the scriptures beginning with Isaiah” and tells him about Jesus. The Ethiopian official is baptized. Philip has helped the Ethiopian to be connected to Jesus, who is the True Vine. We are the branches and it’s important to remain connected to the True Vine in order for our faith to remain strong and for us to be fruitful.

Worship Leader – Rev. Kathryn McGregor


April Fools, Pontius Pilate


Those who thought they were in charge also thought their problem was solved. The radical was gone and, with him, the desire of people to be transformed from their complacency to experience the joy of new life and the empowerment of hope. But there was a surprise waiting for them on Sunday morning. This Sunday, we too can be amazed as we experience the enduring power of resurrection for our lives and for the world.

Can't We Just Skip to the End 3/25/2018

Palm Sunday

Everyone loves the end of the story – New Life – victory over hatred, evil and even death itself. But without acknowledging the events that happened before, and why it happened for us, the celebration is superficial at best. This Sunday we will experience a difficult story; but one that makes the victory real, personal and life transforming.


Seed Catogues 3/18/2018 Message

The way things look; we may have to wait a week or so before planting our gardens. But perhaps you already have your seeds selected for the perfect harvest. This Sunday, we will see how hope and rebirth for the world can blossom even in a winter that seems to never end.

Today's Special: Snake-Kobobs 03/11/2018 Message

For most of us, snakes do not make good meals – or pets, or livestock or just about anything else. So why would Jesus describe himself as a snake on a stick? This Sunday we will discover how facing our fears and brokenness can bring us hope through the one who came to lead us to new life.

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