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Winter is Upon Us

Winter Warmth Collection

This is the time! We are collecting warm coats, hats, mittens, jackets and such for the Headstart children and others who need them. If you have some of these items that your kids have outgrown, or wish to do- nate toward this program, please bring items in good condition to the church this month. Donations can be made as well by marking Winter Warmth on your check in the note area. Thank you.

Belknap House Volunteers needed

This is to keep you informed of volunteer opportunities associated with Belknap House – Belknap County’s homeless shelter for families and summer vacation hostel. Please share and forward this to your friends and associates that might have an interest in doing community service work for Belknap House. Here is the key information you need to know about Belknap House now:

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40 Days Of Giving Thank you

     First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in this chal-

lenge. The challenge was to bring items such as food, personal care items, baby care items, and cleaning products to be gathered each Sun- day during Lent. Through this challenge we collected 1,343 items plus a

lot of trial size personal care products. These many items will be going to New Beginnings, Carey House & the Salvation Army Food Pantry, Belknap House, Community Action Program Food Pantry, Saint Vincent DePaul Food Pantry, and the Vineyard Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen.

     When we called to make arrangements everyone was very happy to receive not only food but the other items as well. Those who are on a food assistance program can’t buy things like Toilet Paper, Shampoo etc with that assistance so these items will be very helpful. The trial size products will be good for putting in bags that are then given to the homeless. So once again thank you, your donation will go a long way. 

40 Days of Giving


During Lent the church was challenged to give one item for each day of lent. This pro- duced 1,500 items that were then distributed to New Beginnings, Belknap House, Carey House, Salvation Army food pantry, and the Lakes Region Vineyard food pantry. Thank you to everyone for making this such a success.


A Note From New Beginnings

Thank you so much for your recent donation to New Beginnings. Each year we shelter 50 people and serve over 700 domestic and sexual violence survivors. The donation will assist them in gaining economic independence; many of whom will be experiencing it for the first time in their lives.

Your donation will help them create a fresh start for themselves as they leave our shel- ter free from violence and abuse.

It is on their behalf that we thank you! Sincerely,
Jenn and staff at New Beginnings.

Yarn Needed

The knitting program at the Belknap County Jail is still going strong but they have run out of yarn and Director of
Programs, Tamara McGonagle, is requesting yarn donations. The fe-
males make blankets for the homeless and for the Carey House, they knit scarves for the homeless and purple caps for babies, as well as blankets and scarfs for their own children for birthday and Christmas presents. Yarn for this program can be dropped off at the Belknap County Jail (Attn: Tamara McGonagle).

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