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Holiday Fair November 17th

Watoto is over and the fortunate folks who were here said it was wonderful. The Harvest Supper is over and folks said it was the best ever. So now let’s all work together to make folks say that this year’s winter fair was the best one yet. Watch for sign-up sheets being posted in the Fellowship Hall soon. Help with tables, contributing items to sell, helping with publicity, making a gift basket, or soliciting items for the silent auction – How will you get involved?
At this time there are three vendors with room for more. Some new things this year – beans and franks at the lunch counter with beans from the Harvest Supper and a free gift for the little ones and tweens who come to the Fair. (That could mean we need more cookies than usual as those kids will want some!)
There is no flea market at the Fair, so please, all contributions (Grandma’s Attic, handmade items, books, decorations, jewelry, silent auction) should be of gift quality. Contact Mary Albert, Barbara Madden, Carol Michael, Sue Nelson or Gail Tapply with questions or suggestions.

Sunday School 05.2018

By Bonnie Weston, Christian Education Co-Chair

    Our Nursery/ Preschool and One Room School/Elementary continue to thrive under the care of the teachers Diane Bigl, Kelly Scudder and Bonnie Weston with regular assistance by Cheyenne Cooper. Since Christmas our lessons have centered on Jesus’ Miracles, the Meaning of Easter and the Disciple Paul and his part in Jesus’ ministry.
    The state of Alaska is our mission focus. We are learning about the ministry projects in Willow, Alaska where the cost of food is 31% above the national average. The church began the only food pantry there where some people may travel 25 miles to get food. It has also provided seeds and starter trays for people to use in their gardens. During the next few weeks, we will have an opportunity to support this great project!
    Our last scheduled Sunday School classes before the summer break will be on June 3rd with our children performing a skit during the church service.

UMCOR Disaster Kit Report

     Thanks to all who par cipated in making ood clean up kits and hygiene kits for disaster relief projects of the United Methodist Commitee on Relief. We started several months ago when the hurricanes hit, and kits have been sent through the Caribbean and to other disaster sites in the United States (wildfire areas, etc.)
     You and community members have donated items, packed kits, given money and given encouragement. We also received support from St. Andre Bessete and the Gilford Community Church Youth. Items that were not appropriate for dona ons were given to the Community Food Bank, St. Vincent DePaul, the Vineyard Church and other charities for distribution.
     We are closing the project for the present and saving some leftover supplies for future projects and donting some to the Laconia Girl Scouts who are picking up the project.
     We sent 16 clean up buckets and 231 hygiene kits. Good work!

 UMCOR Sunday

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) administrative costs are supported by dontation give by Methodist Churchs around the world on UMCOR Sunday March 11th. That way all moneys otherwise donated go directly to the people who need it most. UMCOR is often the first boots on the ground after disasters around the world. They are also committed to helping survivors get back on their feet not matter how long it takes. 

A Note from Josh Chandler

Dear FUMC Friends and Family,
Thank you so much for your support for me over the last 18 years and especially over the last few months. Without your generous help, I would not be able to complete my Eagle Scout project. The display case and mural at LHS will be an integral part in showing pride for the high school music department. It is thanks to your support of me and my passion. When finished, I will provide pictures. :-) Thank you all again so much!
Sincerely, Josh Chandler

Out To Lunch Bunch

The Out to Lunch Bunch is a chance for women to gather every 4th Wednesday of the Month. This month we will gather on March 28th at Patrick's Pub in Gilford at Noon.  If you plan to attend please call Marilyn Miller or the church office so she can make a reservation for the group. Come and enjoy the fun.

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